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Curried Cauliflower, Kale, Carrot, Onion, Garlic Soup - in photos

I mostly just make up recipes as I go along. Like anything else in the whole world, cooking stuff you want to actually eat takes practice. Some people need recipes, some people (me!) just wing it, and all 100% of us will make something so revolting that it can't even be saved with ketchup and rice, or ice cream and maple syrup. But about 96% of what we make will be edible, I promise you that. Which brings me to the soup I made today. I have a friend who is about to go through 35 days of radiation and I promised that I would make them some food. The only requirement is that it is vegetarian. My only requirement is that it does taste like crap, because radiation is going to be bad enough as it is without having to choke down crap. Also, soup is always easy to make and eat and this turned out to be delicious AND easy.  Without further ado and adon't, here you are, the recipe in pictures! Oh wait, one small ado: it will make everything so much less stressful if you take th