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Dinner for the opposite of champions

I am so tired I can't even concentrate right now. The saxatrumpobophone is back! And sadly it started up again last night, lasting until about 11:30pm.

Which would have been ok if then the lads hadn't later decided to take to the patio at 4am for a some serious drunken conversation.

And because my bedroom window faces out over the patio, the way the acoustics are, it was as if they were having a conversation in my bedroom. Grrrrrr.

Suffice it to say, I was exHAUSTed today. I skulked home at little early from work and promptly collapsed on the couch. But then I got hungry.

Self realization #756: I should never, ever, try to feed myself when I am tired and cranky.

I really should have just ordered in a pizza or some Chinese, a little rewarding comfort food followed by a movie and a bath. That was definitely the balm my tired self needed.

So what did I feed myself instead of going with lovely Plan A?

A sleeve of Saltines (with butter & jam) and a bottle of fizzy water. Blurg.

I am …

Never say die, ESPECIALLY when cake is involved.

Ok, well, before you read this post, please read the previous post first.

After stuffing ourselves with chicken & waffles we headed over to the King Do Bakery that just opened over at the clusterf*ck intersection of Dot Ave, Hancock Street, East Street, and Freeport Street - you know the one where you have to use all you Masshole skills to barrel through. Yah, that one.

I really wanted cake. But we got bubble tea instead. I think that bubble tea is the closest to eating eyeballs that I am ever going to get. And frankly, I am fine with that.

There is a nice look to place. It's clean, spacious, and the staff are so friendly. I would even say exuberant almost. Everyone behind the counter is happy to help and to answer your questions.

King Do offers savory foods along side the pastry and baguettes they want to be known for. I got the feeling that since they only just opened this weekend, they weren't entirely up to speed - the display cases seemed a bit bare. No matter, I am just …

I feel like chicken tonight. Oh wait! And a waffle!

Because you know chicken & waffles go together like....



Well I dunno, but that is because I am from New England. I had no idea that waffles went wiht anything other than coffee and a bitchy waitress. However I was told that seemingly chicken & waffles are popular in "the South". Although I always thought the Dutch were responsible:


Tonight I went to The Hen House with T-Bone and EvenStephen, for chicken & waffles natch! The place has gotten mixed reviews, either the food is spot on, or it is not. We were lucky, this time the food was spot on.

But then again, I don't really expect much from wings & waffles. I mean not every competitor can gold medal, if you know what I mean, and going for bronze doesn't mean you are a loser.

(I can't believe I am using an Olympic metaphor. Do I have to send royalties to NBC now?)

I got the buttermilk waffle with butter & "maple syrup" with wings & BBQ sauce. T-Bone got buffa…

A dream come true.

Over on Bostonist today there is a post by Ryan Weaver about In Season, a local food delivery service.

I think that I just now gained 10 pounds.

Can you imagine having your choice of locally farmed foods delivered to your door? Bacon and pasta and milk and cheese and blueberries and butter....

Oh I wonder if Tammy over at Food on the Food knows about this? I bet if The Farmer made the deliveries she would have that same reaction my dear friend Kimmie has when we get within 20 rows of Tim McGraw. All I know is that it involves a LOT of sweating and blushing...

Anyway, for right now they are only delivering to the more chi-chi neighborhoods, but I don't quite begrudge them that because they have to make the early money fast if they want to be successful.

I will however be the first person to sign up when they expand their delivery route.

For every day it rains, I am going to eat cake. Dammit.

I dunno. It's a full week and a half until Aunt Flo comes to visit, but the way I've been eating, gassing, and bitchin' you'd think it'd be coming tomorrow.

And seriously, I think I might have had cake every single day this week.... Well, er, maybe not on Monday. But then again I can't remember that far back so it doesn't really count.

So what's the point in fighting this screwy schedule when I can just eat a little cake every day. I will however blame the rain, since that's what everyone is doing these days anyway.

Cake diet it is then, especially if it looks like this cake:

Believe me, there is quite the story behind this cake. That bakery was lucky to have me.

And thank you to Pam who shared this link: CakeWrecks

Hands down the funniest thing I have seen online today. Be prepare to waste A LOT of time on the site. You might want to have a slice of cake and a beverage handy.

Or maybe not. Seriously, you will laugh until you pee yourself.

Hint: Read this

"The ratio of cake to people is too big"

I love the movie Office Space almost as much as I love supermarket birthday cake. Office Space is so particularly hilarious to me because I used to temp (which I loved to do) and every office was something like the office in Office Space.

You will always find at least some variation on a Bill Lumburgh, Milton Waddems, Samir Nagheenanajar, and Peter Gibbons in EVERY SINGLE OFFICE all across the globe.

OK so where was I going.

Oh yeah! Supermarket birthday cake - today we had a birthday in the office and I ordered a cake from the local Stop & Shop. You can order them online and have them ready for pick up whenever.

This particular cake was marble with the "lite" vanilla frosting. Sweet nectar of the gods! It was delicious. And of course I cut myself a nice big chunk, leaving the poor sods who showed up late to stress out about the cake/people ratio.

However, even though the frosting was meant to be the lower sugar version, my heart is STILL racing. And mysteriously I got fros…

Grown Up Food, Stat!

Ok so this past weekend the Evil Twin and her boyyyyyyyyfriend, Trapper Keeper, took me away to the beach.

Yeah it rained. But not the entire time. I did get a fabulous hour in the water. But yeah, it did rain. Which turned out to be a great excuse to eat!

And eat we did. So without further ado, let me take you through my weekend - in pictures!

First we stopped for breakfast at Victoria's Diner. Victoria's diner has had a rocky few years. It was sold to Mike's City Diner and for some weird reason their South End formula just didn't translate to the Newmarket location. When Mike's sold it on, the quality dramatically improved, however I think that some of the older waitresses are gone, and well, I liked them.

Anyway, I had the yummy plate & super coffee...:

.....while the E.T. had the boring plate and boring coffee:

But then for lunch she took me to the Mothership:

Otherwise known as Gerard Farm, or if you are truly from Boston, Gerahd Fahm:

Not only do they sell the mo…

Apricot Butter - Part Two

First of all, let me just say that the time stamp on my blog posts are about 2 hours off. It was NOT 6:20pm when I finished the apricot butter.

And second of all, let me just say that I only ate a tiny bit of it in the night.

(Thickly smeared onto a buttered Saltine. F*cking CRACK!!!)

I have to remember to get a baguette. I really just want to smear it on myself a la Old Lady Marshall Shopper.

Ahhhhhh aaaaaaaaapppricottttt..............

Apricot Butter

So a couple of weekends ago there was a recipe in the New York Times magazine for apricot butter. I love apricots. But like the article mentions, apricots are a hard fruit to get right.

I really love them and I am always seduced by their lovely peachy pink blush color, sweet honeyed weight, and seductive scent.

But then about 9 times out of 9.5 times you bite into one and it is a major huge disappointment. Either totally mealy and dry, or pasty and mooshy and either way, completely tasteless. I hate them. And then there is that .5 of a time when you hit the apricot lottery and forget every bad one you had to eat to get to that one.

The article promised a distilled apricot tasting spread and I have been dreaming about it ever since. Today I happened to walk by Haymarket and lo and behold - 4lbs of apricots for $3.

And now I have three jars of sweet, sweet, apricot lovin' in the fridge. I hope I don't sleepwalk and eat it all in the night.

Operation Baking GALS - Round One & Done!

Check it out:

How freakin' AWESOME is that???

If you ask me, I think that is pretty freakin' awesome.

You can read how awesome they thought it was in A Thank You From Our Soldier

Seriously, I had a lump the size of a Snickerdoodle in my throat from reading that.

So what now? ROUND TWO - WHOO HOO!

If you want to participate, check out Operation Baking GALS or email and get the information directly.

And just FYI - if you go to the Post Office you can pick up the special APO mailing boxes (they are FREE!). A regular sized APO mailing box is only $9.40 no matter what you pack in there. Although it wasn't that expensive to ship. I sent 7lbs + and it was only $9.78 for the shipping.

Sign up now for Round Two.