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New Year's Eve 2009

Ok you know what? I am glad to be rid of 2009. It was a horrible year* and frankly I am surprised that anyone is left alive or employed. Seriously. I am so ready for the new year that instead of my traditional Chinese food & trashy movie on the couch extravaganza, I made breakfast for dinner this year. That is how eager I am to get to tomorrow. Yep, buttermilk crepes with lemon and sugar. And a big pot of coffee. And now I am about ready to go to bed because I am really ready for the new year. *Let me just say that there were a few good things that happened this year, but only because the universe clearly needed to throw us a couple of bones to prevent everyone from collectively jumping off the cliff.

Oh how I love the holiday of thanks!

Can you believe that this teeny weeny kitchen.... Produced the food for this Thanksgiving table?! Yep, me neither! But it did. And it was delicious.

First Annual Memorial Turkey Shoot

This year's Turkey Shoot was a bittersweet one for me. My trusty sidekick and blunderbuss operator, Grandpapa, passed away in late October - a few days short of his 94th birthday. To be honest, I was really dreading Turkey Shoot without him. But I wasn't about to get a turkey from anywhere other than Diemand Farm. So off we went. Except for we went on the Monday before Thanksgiving, not the Sunday. And we didn't eat at the Old Mill, because it happens to be closed on Mondays. Which I am sort of relieved about because I don't think I could have handled it. We took two cars because it was me, Kimmie, Amanda, Tammy , the FBiL, and Dad and we were on a mission to get turkey. Lots of turkey. Oh and deviled eggs and turkey sausage and turkey stock and whole chickens and chicken parts and pot pies and lots of other deliciousness. And deliciousness certainly helped make everything feel better. So here is to the First Annual Memorial Turkey Shoot 2009 and to many more t