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Wednesday Lunch

In April a really sweet man died suddenly. He was a good friend of our family, a man of many diverse talents, and we all miss him terribly still. But life goes on in that awful, inexorable, healing way. Somehow we get past the initial pain, which transforms into a phantom limb, no longer there but inexplicably vividly felt when thought about. Kenny was also a gardener. So I inherited a couple of tomato plants that he'd started. These are no ordinary tomato plants, oh no. They are tomato plants that Kenny had propagated from seeds that he'd been saving from one year to the next year for the past forty years. No pressure or anything. I am really brilliant at growing weeds and the thought of having to nurture these tender plants (when I got them they were only just newborn plants) to full growth was totally stressful. Completely gave me a case of Dontfuckitupitis and fearing a constipated summer, I called in an expert. My good friend ABanana lives near me with her bo