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I never met a slice I didn't like. Until just now.

I am trying REALLY hard to be good so when I went to try out the new(ish) South End Upper Crust I got just a slice and a small salad. In case you are wondering why one slice and one small salad is me being good, when that is usually what satisfies most people, I say - have we met? Because I am that person who can almost always polish off an entire pizza. If I was told I could only eat one thing forever on a desert, I would pick pizza. Or ice cream. Anyway. So I've had Upper Crust in the past, usually delivery, and it's always been ok. I prefer Emma's in Cambridge for thin slice, or Nicole's for thick slice. But Emma's doesn't deliver. And I didn't feel like Nicole's. Turns out that I don't actually like the slices at Upper Crust. Actually I don't even think I would call it a slice. It was shaped more like a sail - with a jib, or something. There were too many sides. It wasn't right. Plus the staff were kind of odd. Not so friendly, but not

Sushi - Eat It Until You Might Die

Someone once told me that if a chicken got into a bag of feed, it would eat and eat and eat at the feed until it choked to death because chickens don't have that thing that tells them to stop. And that when they do that you have to either stick your finger down its throat and scrape it out, or you have to give them a good, upside-down shake. What is that anyway? An epiglottis maybe? Anyway, whatever it is, I don't have one either. For breakfast today (because I have today and tomorrow OFF!!!!) I went and got some veggie sushi. I think it was a 16 piece tray of cucumber, red pepper, avocado, aaaaaaaaaand, uh some other veg. Carrot! Yeah, that was the fourth one. So I buy this tray and I get home and I am thinking, ok I am just going to eat 4 pieces for right now and have the rest a little later. But right after I eat those first 4, another 4 fly right into my mouth! After that, fuggetaboudit. I just ate the rest. Oh, and I also had a bottle of chocolate soymilk with it. And now

It's too hot to eat. Let's shop.

I found these awesome cards from this place in England . I love, love, love them but they are sold individually for £ 1.50 which works out to about $3. And with shipping I imagine that bumps it up to about $5. Which bumps it right out of my price range. But they are still going to go on my wish list. That and the Crab Apple cards. Love it! Oh and also, I totally want one of these : Sad but true, the way to my heart is with soft serve.