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You know what this is, now what do YOU call it?

I cannot be the only person who calls these Teenies:

Apparently they are really called Little Hugs.

More like starter kits for toddler alcoholics if you ask me. Who puts a kiddie drink in a beer barrel?

Further more, who markets this non-nutritive crap to kids? Oh wait....


Someone just threw a TwinkieFunyunFritoDoritoHoHoBigMac at my head. *sigh*

No wonder we're all fat. These Little Hugs are cheaper than milk.

Friday Work Breakfast.

Remember what I said the other day about food randomly appearing in the office?

Well let me present today's morsel of deliciousness: greek yogurt and almond cake.  The lovely person who makes this is a wonderful scratch baker and is so critical of her own handiwork, which is rubbish because everything she makes is excellent.

Rest assured, it is divine!!!

So divine, I had some for breakfast today.

THANK YOU to ***** of the ****** ******* for making this and giving me some.

When life literally hands you a bowl of cherries....

Eat them before your coworkers do!

These were about the most delicious cherries I have had in a very, very long time. They were sent to the office from and I am not sure if they were a gift or what (food has a way of turning up in our office randomly) but it certainly made my return to work after the holiday so much better.

Aren't they the most gorgeous color? They tasted like sweet droplets of sunshine.


Tomorrow can only be a let down after this lovely treat.

Ginger "ale" for the rest of us.

I bought this on impulse the other day and o.m.f.g. this stuff is ambrosia.

I've been drinking it with club soda, a few crushed mint leaves, and lots of ice. It makes up for a lack of a/c.

Breakfast at Toro

I tried to take my Irish friends to Mike's City Diner for breakfast this weekend and I really just should have known better. The problem at Mike's is that even if it's only 6 people waiting, there is some weird optical illusion in that place that makes it looks like 46 people are waiting.

We didn't want to wait.

And we didn't want to walk.

So we had breakfast at Toro. What an excellent second choice. First off the woman who was working our table was absolutely lovely, and second off the food was a pleasant surprise, in that it was delicious and not a giant huge plate of food.

There are those who feel that more is better and there are those who feel that less is more. I have a foot in both camps. There is never enough french fries but for the most part I prefer a little deliciousness more frequently than a big plate of something I just really need a taste of. Something like that anyway.

I got the huevos rancheros and the corn. Who goes to Toro and doesn't get …