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No food posts.

I had to wire my jaw shut because I am on Weight Watchers and everything I like to eat has about 47,000 points.

Like the gnocchi I had the other night at B&G. With parsley and escargot. Freaking delicious!

Or the warm spinach salad I had last night at Picco, with the goat cheese and the bacon.....

Jeezus. It's just easier to be um, voluptuous.

Wikkid massive huge storm's a-coming!

Which means that I went to the market to "stock up" because truthfully speaking a snow day is a day to binge eat.

Because how else can you keep up with shoveling if you don't carbo load?

And by carbo load I am of course referring to gallons of hot chocolate and plates of spaghetti and meatballs and perhaps some brownies.....

I did however also buy water (sparkling!) and grapefruit (wards off scurvy!) and some veg (I needed something to cover up the box of Oreos).

Seriously, I thought I would cozy up to the stove and make some eggplant parm and stew some chicken thighs and brave this "weather event" with spoon bravely held in hand.

But I got distracted and now I am making do with a grapefruit (no scurvy!) and an Oreo (ok, 4) and some cold leftover pasta that gave me instant heartburn (which I quenched with the Oreos).

Now that I have "stocked up" I sort of feel like I am owed a snow day tomorrow. If for no other reason than to cook all the crap I bought.

Sad foodie news item of the week

Vincent Gruppuso, Kozy Shack creator, died this week from complications of diabetes.

On the one hand knowing that the rice pudding king died from diabetes makes me pause slightly between shovelfuls of the stuff.

However my other hand, the rational hand, tells me that it's ok since they sell Kozy Shack at Whole Foods so like how bad can it really be.

Thank you Mr. Gruppuso, wherever you are, for bringing rice pudding to the masses.

It's not what you say you eat...

It's what you actually eat.

Laurie Colwin wrote about the difference between what people say they eat, and what they actually eat and I for one am fascinated by that.

Since about November-ish I have been trying to eat mostly stuff from scratch, but that doesn't seem to stop me from eating all manner of delicious combinations!

For example I made homemade chocolate chip cookies. And then I smeared Rum Caramel Sauce on two of them and squished them together and ate that. For dinner the other day.

And I am a closet fan of cottage cheese and ketchup. Don't say "yick" before you try it. And anyway it's better than tripe okay.

I will own up to eating chocolate sauce straight out of the jar using celery sticks. And to smooshing together movie popcorn and Junior Mints. And when my sister and I were little we used to drink gallons of fake ice tea - the kind that was tea flavoring and pure sugar - we would stir in about 4 massive spoonfuls, take a sip and…

Best kind of food to cap off the holidays

Hands down has to be macaroni & cheese with a couple of ballpark franks chopped into it.

Delicious! Makes my mouth water, even though I ate about five minutes ago.

Now I can go back to eating right.

And in case it ever comes up - I cut the dogs on the diagonal. This makes the wrong kind of frankfurter chip in the mac & cheese.

They definitely need to be cut like coins.