It's not what you say you eat...

It's what you actually eat.

Laurie Colwin wrote about the difference between what people say they eat, and what they actually eat and I for one am fascinated by that.

Since about November-ish I have been trying to eat mostly stuff from scratch, but that doesn't seem to stop me from eating all manner of delicious combinations!

For example I made homemade chocolate chip cookies. And then I smeared Rum Caramel Sauce on two of them and squished them together and ate that. For dinner the other day.

And I am a closet fan of cottage cheese and ketchup. Don't say "yick" before you try it. And anyway it's better than tripe okay.

I will own up to eating chocolate sauce straight out of the jar using celery sticks. And to smooshing together movie popcorn and Junior Mints. And when my sister and I were little we used to drink gallons of fake ice tea - the kind that was tea flavoring and pure sugar - we would stir in about 4 massive spoonfuls, take a sip and then stir in more, until there was a very satisfying inch and a half layer of tea flavored sugar at the bottom of the glass, which we would slurp up before Mom caught us.

That was frickin' delicious.

Plus I bet that sugary sludge would have tasted really great on a Saltine.....


tammy said…
You are sooooooo awesome!

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