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Eastah Scorchah

In April when the temps rise above 40, everyone around these parts switches over to iced coffee with a childlike glee that summah is just around the cornah. However when the temps rise to the 80's we all just complain. It's too soon for the beach, in a day or two the temps will drop back to the 40's, everyone is hot in their Easter dresses, it's too soon for A/C. We complain because we know that summah does NOT arrive in April, no matter how much global warming is happening, the possibility of a snow storm exists right through the end of the month. But hey, it was Easter and it was hot so we grilled and drank cold drinks and ate cool desserts. Sriracha grilled shrimp is literally one of my most favorite things to grill. If you are a recipe person, use this recipe from Food 52: Spicy Shrimp Recipe . If you are a just-wing-it cook like me, you basically marinate peeled and deveined shrimp in a gloopy mess of olive oil, Sriracha, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, br

Aggressive coffee.

The Evil Twin got us iced coffees this morning because it's what you do in Boston when the temps are above 40 degrees. Apparently she ordered hers "fucked up with 28 splenda". There is no other explanation. Unless it's "fuck you and your 28 splenda".

I'm fine, how are you.

Jeesus, it is hard to keep a blog alive when you don't do it on the regular and also when the med you take to keep you regular also happen to be the wet blanket to your creativity. Also it used to be easier to find the time. The Evil Twin ( remember her ?) is now the Proud Mamma of Thing 1 and Thing 2 and mostly my spare time is spent shaping them into my minions who will do all my bidding. That all sounds like an excuse.  It is. So here is a photo of some fish and chips I had at the Harp & Bard  (that website tho... woof).