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Thanks but no, I am NOT a food blogger.

The very words "food blogger" gets on my nerves these days. I mean I guess it's because food blogging gets taken too seriously by some. If it cost money to blog, I swear the pool would dry up preeeetty quickly. What if food blogging was like publishing a newspaper, could you imagine getting food blogs on paper? Getting flooded with bits of paper all day long? Yeah, no, me neither. And don't get me wrong. Some food blogs are great reads, however mentally I call them columns because the words "food blog" sounds terrible to my ear. You know how they say "cellar door" are the nicest words to read in the English language? Well it probably has something to do with the tongue prancing about lightly in the mouth when you say "cellar door". With "food blog" your tongue makes the same motion as when you say "blah" or when you barf. Try it. Now you can't stand the word either, huh. Sorry. So if I am not a food bloh