Wikkid massive huge storm's a-coming!

Which means that I went to the market to "stock up" because truthfully speaking a snow day is a day to binge eat.

Because how else can you keep up with shoveling if you don't carbo load?

And by carbo load I am of course referring to gallons of hot chocolate and plates of spaghetti and meatballs and perhaps some brownies.....

I did however also buy water (sparkling!) and grapefruit (wards off scurvy!) and some veg (I needed something to cover up the box of Oreos).

Seriously, I thought I would cozy up to the stove and make some eggplant parm and stew some chicken thighs and brave this "weather event" with spoon bravely held in hand.

But I got distracted and now I am making do with a grapefruit (no scurvy!) and an Oreo (ok, 4) and some cold leftover pasta that gave me instant heartburn (which I quenched with the Oreos).

Now that I have "stocked up" I sort of feel like I am owed a snow day tomorrow. If for no other reason than to cook all the crap I bought.


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