You know what this is, now what do YOU call it?

I cannot be the only person who calls these Teenies:

Apparently they are really called Little Hugs.

More like starter kits for toddler alcoholics if you ask me. Who puts a kiddie drink in a beer barrel?

Further more, who markets this non-nutritive crap to kids? Oh wait....


Someone just threw a TwinkieFunyunFritoDoritoHoHoBigMac at my head. *sigh*

No wonder we're all fat. These Little Hugs are cheaper than milk.


One Food Guy said…
Little hug my ass, its a teenie! I remember them from when i was a kid and remember that they tasted pretty awful.
Anonymous said…
the Teenies came in a square shaped bottle w/ rounded edges. i'm trying to find a picture of it but all i come up w/ are porn pics or little hugs BAH!!

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