Sushi - Eat It Until You Might Die

Someone once told me that if a chicken got into a bag of feed, it would eat and eat and eat at the feed until it choked to death because chickens don't have that thing that tells them to stop. And that when they do that you have to either stick your finger down its throat and scrape it out, or you have to give them a good, upside-down shake.

What is that anyway? An epiglottis maybe?

Anyway, whatever it is, I don't have one either.

For breakfast today (because I have today and tomorrow OFF!!!!) I went and got some veggie sushi. I think it was a 16 piece tray of cucumber, red pepper, avocado, aaaaaaaaaand, uh some other veg.

Carrot! Yeah, that was the fourth one.

So I buy this tray and I get home and I am thinking, ok I am just going to eat 4 pieces for right now and have the rest a little later.

But right after I eat those first 4, another 4 fly right into my mouth! After that, fuggetaboudit. I just ate the rest.

Oh, and I also had a bottle of chocolate soymilk with it.

And now I feel like a piece of sushi - a ton of rice in a tight seaweed wrapper. I think I am going to go have a lie down.


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