I never met a slice I didn't like. Until just now.

I am trying REALLY hard to be good so when I went to try out the new(ish) South End Upper Crust I got just a slice and a small salad.

In case you are wondering why one slice and one small salad is me being good, when that is usually what satisfies most people, I say - have we met?

Because I am that person who can almost always polish off an entire pizza. If I was told I could only eat one thing forever on a desert, I would pick pizza. Or ice cream.

Anyway. So I've had Upper Crust in the past, usually delivery, and it's always been ok. I prefer Emma's in Cambridge for thin slice, or Nicole's for thick slice. But Emma's doesn't deliver. And I didn't feel like Nicole's.

Turns out that I don't actually like the slices at Upper Crust. Actually I don't even think I would call it a slice. It was shaped more like a sail - with a jib, or something. There were too many sides. It wasn't right.

Plus the staff were kind of odd. Not so friendly, but not rude. Which I am willing to overlook considering that they do have to deal with South Enders, although I would also just say that it sort of seemed like they weren't all that happy to be working there.

It was weird. I won't go back, instead I will stick to delivery.


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