Dinner for the opposite of champions

I am so tired I can't even concentrate right now. The saxatrumpobophone is back! And sadly it started up again last night, lasting until about 11:30pm.

Which would have been ok if then the lads hadn't later decided to take to the patio at 4am for a some serious drunken conversation.

And because my bedroom window faces out over the patio, the way the acoustics are, it was as if they were having a conversation in my bedroom. Grrrrrr.

Suffice it to say, I was exHAUSTed today. I skulked home at little early from work and promptly collapsed on the couch. But then I got hungry.

Self realization #756: I should never, ever, try to feed myself when I am tired and cranky.

I really should have just ordered in a pizza or some Chinese, a little rewarding comfort food followed by a movie and a bath. That was definitely the balm my tired self needed.

So what did I feed myself instead of going with lovely Plan A?

A sleeve of Saltines (with butter & jam) and a bottle of fizzy water. Blurg.

I am still tired. I am still cranky. And even worse, I am still hungry. All I can think about is a gorgeous garlic pizza with smoked bacon & gorgonzola, or perhaps some chicken & ginger noodles and scallion pancakes.... droool......

Seriously? A sleeve of Saltines? Gah!

If Wheaties is the breakfast of champions, clearly a sleeve of Saltines is the dinner of losers.

Eh, forget this dumb day. I am going to bed.

Oh wait!! I knew there was one good thing!! I won a raffle I didn't even know I entered.

Man, I should have totally ordered out!


Mary said…
If it makes you feel any better, I have a drummer who lives across the street. I think he's in high school, but he is the most dedicated drummer ever and practices like 3-4 hours a day.

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