For every day it rains, I am going to eat cake. Dammit.

I dunno. It's a full week and a half until Aunt Flo comes to visit, but the way I've been eating, gassing, and bitchin' you'd think it'd be coming tomorrow.

And seriously, I think I might have had cake every single day this week.... Well, er, maybe not on Monday. But then again I can't remember that far back so it doesn't really count.

So what's the point in fighting this screwy schedule when I can just eat a little cake every day. I will however blame the rain, since that's what everyone is doing these days anyway.

Cake diet it is then, especially if it looks like this cake:

Believe me, there is quite the story behind this cake. That bakery was lucky to have me.

And thank you to Pam who shared this link: CakeWrecks

Hands down the funniest thing I have seen online today. Be prepare to waste A LOT of time on the site. You might want to have a slice of cake and a beverage handy.

Or maybe not. Seriously, you will laugh until you pee yourself.

Hint: Read this one
Hint: And the comment section on this one
Hint: I could keep going, I really could.


Pam said…
So glad you liked it!

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