Operation Baking GALS - Round One & Done!

Check it out:

How freakin' AWESOME is that???

If you ask me, I think that is pretty freakin' awesome.

You can read how awesome they thought it was in A Thank You From Our Soldier

Seriously, I had a lump the size of a Snickerdoodle in my throat from reading that.

So what now? ROUND TWO - WHOO HOO!

If you want to participate, check out Operation Baking GALS or email bakingGALS@gmail.com and get the information directly.

And just FYI - if you go to the Post Office you can pick up the special APO mailing boxes (they are FREE!). A regular sized APO mailing box is only $9.40 no matter what you pack in there. Although it wasn't that expensive to ship. I sent 7lbs + and it was only $9.78 for the shipping.

Sign up now for Round Two.


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