A dream come true.

Over on Bostonist today there is a post by Ryan Weaver about In Season, a local food delivery service.

I think that I just now gained 10 pounds.

Can you imagine having your choice of locally farmed foods delivered to your door? Bacon and pasta and milk and cheese and blueberries and butter....

Oh I wonder if Tammy over at Food on the Food knows about this? I bet if The Farmer made the deliveries she would have that same reaction my dear friend Kimmie has when we get within 20 rows of Tim McGraw. All I know is that it involves a LOT of sweating and blushing...

Anyway, for right now they are only delivering to the more chi-chi neighborhoods, but I don't quite begrudge them that because they have to make the early money fast if they want to be successful.

I will however be the first person to sign up when they expand their delivery route.


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