Operation Baking GALS

I read over on Food on the Food about Operation Baking GALS and that sounded like a fun thing to do this weekend while I waited around for the telephone repair folks to come by on Saturday morning.

So I emailed Susan of She's Becoming DoughMESStic who has organized the whole thing and she sent me the information. She and I share the same love for Food on the Food and the whole Tammy & the Farmer saga.

As it would happen and Murphy's Law being what it is, the telephone repairman came on Friday night.

Saturday morning and well for most of the day I messed about. However I finally did get down to business and fired up the oven.

Here's a pictorial synopsis for your vicarious pleasure:

Once I get the ingredients out, measured, and ready to go, I turn into a baking MACHINE!

If I don't put the eggs in as soon as I can, I am likely to eat half the sugar & butter mixture.

Oatmeal mixed with the chips (I add about an extra half cup) and the spiced flour - key components in making, uh, oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies.

Then I made the sugar cookies. Heart shaped because I was too lazy to root around for another cookie cutter.

Then I decorated them. All four dozen.

Mmmmmm three dozen oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies. I had to pack them the minute they cooled otherwise I would have only shipped out about one cookie.

Packed up in gallon ziplocs. With an apple peel in paper toweling to keep them chewy!

The 1st layer is wadding (crumpled up paper in a plastic bag).

Then a package of cookies.

And Angelina before the twins!

And then the second pack of cookies.

Then off to the post office. Seat belts on for safety!

The South Boston post office is open 24 hours a day.

And that's that. Hopefully they get to their destination.
Hopefully they like them. Hopefully they arrive in ok shape!


Mary said…
Wow cookies and Angelina, I bet the soldiers will be happy to get your package!
Annabelle B. said…
Frankly I was just happy to get Angelina out of my house! :)

Especially after eating my body weight in cookie dough.

tammy said…
You are SOOOOOO going to be their favorite! Well done.
Pam said…
Those cookies look fantastic! I'm sure they'll be well appreciated.

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