"The ratio of cake to people is too big"

I love the movie Office Space almost as much as I love supermarket birthday cake. Office Space is so particularly hilarious to me because I used to temp (which I loved to do) and every office was something like the office in Office Space.

You will always find at least some variation on a Bill Lumburgh, Milton Waddems, Samir Nagheenanajar, and Peter Gibbons in EVERY SINGLE OFFICE all across the globe.

OK so where was I going.

Oh yeah! Supermarket birthday cake - today we had a birthday in the office and I ordered a cake from the local Stop & Shop. You can order them online and have them ready for pick up whenever.

This particular cake was marble with the "lite" vanilla frosting. Sweet nectar of the gods! It was delicious. And of course I cut myself a nice big chunk, leaving the poor sods who showed up late to stress out about the cake/people ratio.

However, even though the frosting was meant to be the lower sugar version, my heart is STILL racing. And mysteriously I got frosting in my ear. I have NO idea how it got there, and sadly I didn't even notice it until later in the day when I used my cellphone. After I hung up I saw that there was white gunk smeared on the phone, and that was when I realized it.

What a sad waste of frosting really.


Pam said…
I think you would appreciate this site: http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/

I used to be the Sunshine Committee for my office and buy the cakes... they always came from Star Market, but every month, someone would say "wow, this is a really great cake, where's it from?"

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