Never say die, ESPECIALLY when cake is involved.

Ok, well, before you read this post, please read the previous post first.

After stuffing ourselves with chicken & waffles we headed over to the King Do Bakery that just opened over at the clusterf*ck intersection of Dot Ave, Hancock Street, East Street, and Freeport Street - you know the one where you have to use all you Masshole skills to barrel through. Yah, that one.

I really wanted cake. But we got bubble tea instead. I think that bubble tea is the closest to eating eyeballs that I am ever going to get. And frankly, I am fine with that.

There is a nice look to place. It's clean, spacious, and the staff are so friendly. I would even say exuberant almost. Everyone behind the counter is happy to help and to answer your questions.

King Do offers savory foods along side the pastry and baguettes they want to be known for. I got the feeling that since they only just opened this weekend, they weren't entirely up to speed - the display cases seemed a bit bare. No matter, I am just going to keep going. Especially since they have parking over on Hancock Street, behind the bakery. Not directly behind, rather a few feet down the road, but there is a big dusty lot with a sign that says "King Do Parking" so clearly they are expecting to do BIG business.

Which I hope they do. The bakery is a great addition to that area, which also had Dbar on the other side of the street. Now, if the city would just sort out that nightmare intersection....

Aaaaaand of course I took pictures. It's what I do.

I really can't wait to go again this weekend. T-Bone actually got a sandwich here, as well as a bubble tea. I shouldn't even say anything because I probably ate about half of it myself. It was delicious - spicy & chewy & fresh, so really I couldn't even help myself.

Gawd. I swear the diet starts Monday.


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