Where I eat when I don't eat at home

Ok, some of you may know from my other blog that I am the Food Psychic - if I talk about it, cook it, eat it, or tell other people about it, chances are it will be in some food section on Wednesday.

And now the Boston Globe had gone and done it again with their review of Sunrise-Randong, a great Vietnamese restaurant in Dorchester. A place me and my friends have been eating at for ages.

I am not a great big fan of Sheryl Julian, and saying that the restaurant would be better off with a liquor license is silly and makes her sound like floozy.

The food is great - regular homemade Vietnamese food better than what you'd get at home if you lived in Vietnam. And if you ask, they'll make you the spring rolls with tofu instead of shrimp and pork. Also, see if you can find the "sweat and sour" sauce on the menu.

It doesn't need a glass of pinot.



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