Bad 70's music and a liberal sprinkling of flour

Wiiiiith you I'm not shyyyyyy, for you are a magnet and IIIIIIII yammmmmm steeeeel......

My neighbors must HATE me by now, but you know what, Thanksgiving dinner has to get cooked baby!

So far:

I cubed all the bread for the stuffing
Parboiled & peeled the pearl onions
Made 6 pie crusts
Rolled out 5 pie crusts
Put 2 pumpkin pies in the oven
Blind baked 2 pecan pie crusts
Used the scrap dough to make little mousie crackers
Made the gravy base
Made two liters of white sauce.

What's left:
Make the pecan pie filling
Make the stuffing
Make the Brussels sprouts
Make the apple pudding pie
Peel and roast the squash.

Easy. And I have plenty of AWESOME-ly bad music to keep me up ALL NIGHT!

Whoo hooey!


tammy said…
Holy cannoli! You're good.

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