Happy Mother's Day to La Maman!!!

Come to think about it, I am really lucky to have La Maman that I do. Seriously, she is the bomb.

When Dad was traveling for work, which he would do for long stretches at a time, La Maman had to be Le Papa also and she did it with aplomb.

Once, when I was really in the throes of Laura Ingalls-itis, La Maman took my sister and I to Edaville Railroad in Carver to go fishing. I seem to remember we took the little train to the "Fishing Area" and La Maman rented us all the appropriate gear, namely a rod and  couple of dirty worms. Quite calmly she jammed a worm on a hook and we cast the line as well as we could for a couple of novices. I was totally in awe even if there was no chance of us catching anything in four inches of water. She had hooked the worm, with her BARE HANDS just to give us a chance to go fishin'.

My mother was not like the other mothers I knew: French, gorgeous, smart, and independent, she never catered to my whims of sameness. I got homemade lunches - sandwiches on bread she made weekly, rather than on store bought bread. Our underthings came from France in brown paper wrapped parcels, all Petit Bateau before it was de rigeur. She never wanted to do the things that everyone else was doing, she did what she wanted to do.

In short, she was the most annoying Mom to have as a kid trying to fit it, but the absolute best kind of Mom to teach a girl how to be a strong, independent woman.

La Maman, j'adore! Thank you for being my mother, not my friend, when I was a kid, and for now being my mother AND my friend. You are a wonderful human being and the world is better for having you in it.


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