I am still here. I swear.

If I never eat another bowl of Cheerios for dinner again, that would be fine with me.

Some of you might be aware that I am doing a little work on ye old homestead and said project is crawling along at a glacier pace.

Which is better than nothing I suppose.

Anyway, just before Labor Day the kitchen came apart. All the way down to nothing.

A trained professional came and moved all the pipes and then I patched the wall back together. 

Then another trained professional came after Labor Day and put the new cabinets together and hung them.

 Getting there....

Anyway, now everything is installed and just waiting to be reconnected.

I cannot wait. I honestly was so excited to not have a kitchen for a little while - I thought I would eat out all the time and try all sorts of places that I wouldn't normal try.

It's just that I found out sort of quickly that eating out every f&%$king night is not my idea of a fun time. I am longing for casserole and crepes and omelets and flan and roasts and pasta that I make for myself with ingredients that I bought myself.

I want to bake bread and bring my own lunch to work each day. I do NOT want to ever have another bowl of cereal for dinner again.

The very minute everything is connected, I will make some thing for dinner. And there will be photos.

See you soon.


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