Ah le weekend est arrivee!

Man do I LOVE Friday. It holds so much promise, a lovely two day blank slate. Providing you don't think too much about the laundry, dishes, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, basement, that need cleaning and all that other crap. 

On the list of things I want to do this weekend, aside from the fantasy where I totally finish every unfinished project around the house, is to take the MiniET to the latest iteration of Flour Bakery + Cafe on Clarendon. 

Not only is there a tot-lot across the street from it, but I love Joanne Chang. And frankly, who doesn't? No one. I worked for her about a million years ago and didn't appreciate it at the time because, well, for lots of reasons and none of which speak well of my own character at the time. 

Let's just say it took me a very long time to grow out of the center of my own universe. 

Nowadays when I churn out a meal in my wee kitchen, I think about my brief stint at Flour and how I was trained to work in a small space with a minimum of utensils. Even today it's faster for me to whip cream by hand rather than lug out the stand mixer, and I make a great lemon curd. So yeah, I will always be a fan. 

And I am gonna make the MiniET (aka the niece) a fan too. But that won't be too hard - a brioche and the playground, it's a toddlers dream come true. 

So here is to the weekend, I hope you have a good one.


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