Well you know, it IS still winter...

Snowfall in February is a lot less intimidating than a snowfall in November but it makes up for it by being more depressing.

This long slow crawl t'ward green is not helped out by the white fluffy stuff. I am ready for spring, dammit!

Yes, yes, I know, I know. Just wait until the summer when I complain about the heat and the humidity.

And if THIS post sounds alot like an earlier post, it's because pretty much I do the same thing every time it snows: come home, dry off, get warm, make shepherds pie, complain about the weather, blog, make some hot chocolate, hop into my fleecy bed, read, and fall asleep. So it stands to reason that I am going to start repeating myself at some point.

Wait, what?

Oh yeah, shepherds pie.

I call it that, but really my way is any kind of ground - pork, beef, lamb, turkey, textured vegetable protein - which I saute together with garlic, onions, peas, corn, carrots, a little broth/plain water to moisten, some tomato paste, season with Worcestershire sauce, salt/pepper, top with mashed potato (sweet potato, pureed cauliflower also work) and bake in a 375 degree oven until bubbling hot, ~35 to 40 minutes or so.

Tonight I made some with ground turkey and topped it with mashed sweet potato. Personally I think I prefer it made with turkey over beef. It took no time at all to get it together and into the oven - while it baked, I changed out of my soggy clothes (it was a slushy walk home!), dried my hair, and got on my fuzzy socks. There is no reason not to make this every night, especially if you bake a few potatoes early in the week and have them on hand.

I am pretty sure I could eat this meal every night. Until the green gets here anyway.


Unknown said…
Not sure how I missed this post, but it sounds remarkably similar to my Shepherd's Pie recipe. Mostly, I use ground turkey, although, ground buffalo is good, too. Worcester sauce and tabasco. Some flour to thicken the sauce when I add broth, and then I flavor the mashed potatoes I make with some broth, some milk, and some Dijon. Yum. Just had it last week.

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