Dinner on the new stove

So after 12 years I finally got a new stove. Which was pretty exciting considering my old stove was already about 10 years old by the time I got it.

While I might be nostalgic for the old wheezy beast, more specifically the two hot spots that are perfect for yogurt making, I will not miss the uneven cooking, the tippy grates, and the burnt insulation smell that filled the house when the oven was going full blast.

When I was shopping for a stove I only had two requirements: it had to be gas, and it could not have a "chicken nugget" button. Stoves with a chicken nugget button make me crazy, don't ask me why.

And when I say I was shopping for a stove, what I really mean is that I was at Sears buying washers - clothes and dish (hooray rebates!)- and the stove happened to be on sale and since the delivery fee was for one appliance or ten, I figured why not.

Let me just say that the difference between the old stove and the new stove is like the difference between a typewriter and a laptop.

Water set to boil for pasta? Old stove: 30 minutes. New stove: 10 minutes.

Tonight I made a very nice baked fish, with sauted zucchini and pureed cauliflower and was able to get everything the table hot. Incredible!

It was one of the top ten most satisfying moments in my home cooking career.

Baked Fish
Pre-heat oven to 350
Take a piece of white fish, trim to fit in one layer in baking dish.
Salt and pepper it and let it set out about 30 minutes.
Dip it in melted butter mixed with a little lemon juice.
Roll it in panko
(Japanese bread crumbs. You can use plain crumbs instead.)
Lay it in baking dish and sprinkle a few more crumbs on top. 
Place in oven and bake about 15-20 minutes.The fish will flake when done. 

Sauteed Zucchini
Take however many zucchini you want to cook.
Wash and dry them.
Line a strainer with a clean cloth (dish or cheese will work).
Shred zucchini into cloth lined strainer. A box grater works perfectly.
Sprinkle shredded zucchini with salt and let sit for about 30 minutes.
Gather up the edges of the cloth and squeeze the zucchini.
This will produce quite a bit of liquid but it will not mush the shreds.
In an appropriately sized pan, heat up a healthy splash of olive oil.
When the oil is hot, but not too hot, add in a bit of garlic and cook a little.
Add in the shredded zucchini and some finely chopped basil.
You can also use those little frozen cubes of basil from Trader Joes.
Stir the zucchini occasionally.
Cook for about 10 minutes or so.
What you want to do is to cook the zucchini and dry it out a bit.
Serve hot. Reheats beautifully.

Pureed Cauliflower
Clean and cut up a whole head of cauliflower.
Steam until very soft.
Blitz in a food processor.
Add in a little olive oil to help blend it together smoothly.
Season with salt, pepper, and a little roasted garlic if you like.

Easiest dinner ever. Pictures possibly coming later.


Devilham said…
Got a new stove myself (also from sears) a few months back and have been in lurv with it since. 5 burners, with a long center burner for stovetop griddles/grills (of which I have a fantastic cast iron one), and a true convection oven (I guess they have ones that aren't real convection, just a fan inside....real convection has elements in the fan as well). Anyways, I know the feeling....and it feels good!
I remember getting my new stove- I also was incredibly happy. Here's wishing you lots of fabulous meals on it!


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