Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Mom,

Thank you for not giving me to the rubbish man when I was a screaming baby. Thank you for not seeming to mind when I came home from kindergarten with a banana mooshed in my pants pocket along with a handful of sand. Thank you for thinking I was the prettiest girl in the 6th grade when all evidence pointed to the contrary. Thank you for putting 6,250 dinners on the table at 7:30 every night for the whole family and for making us talk to each other. Thank you for making me go to the museum, to the library, to the symphony, to the theater, and to the opera. Thank you for making sure I was well fed, more or less appropriately dressed, housed, and educated. Thank you for laughing at me and more often with me. Thank you for "fly me to the mooooon" and "te la la!". Thank you for teaching me how to eat and which fork to use. Thank you for encouraging me to read and write. Thank you for being my Valentine every year and for putting a little heart shaped present in my mailbox each year. Thank you for knowing when to batten down the hatches in bad weather. Thank you for all the times you've done something nice for me when I was feeling a little low, like bringing me a giant branch of lilacs that one time. Thank you for almost always having a little piece of chocolate somewhere in the house. Thank you for being an independent woman who taught me the value of work and how to balance it with home life. Thank you for not letting me watch too much television. Thank you for letting me go and for letting me know I was always welcome back. Thank you for for making stuff from scratch and for showing me how.  Thank you for listening and listening and then listening some more. Thank you for always being yourself, and being true to who you are. Thank you for never losing your sense of humor. Thank you for never giving up on any of us, even when we've given you plenty of reason!

Pretty much I think this all the time, but it's good to articulate it at least once a year.

Your daughter.


Unknown said…
Yeah, what she said. -e.t.

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