I haven't starved to death....

...yet anyway.

But seriously, the little house in the big city is STILL under construction. It is ridiculous how long it takes a person to renovate a house! I am totally over my budget and way under budget in the motivation department. It goes in fits and spurts - a lick of paint here, a dollop of joint compound there...

I really thought at this point I would have a lovely new kitchen, but that realistically cannot happen until the top two floors are done as the plaster dust will just overwhelm everything.

Which has already sort of happened, which is why I am not cooking as much. If a recipe needs more than one or two pans, I am out of luck because I have stored everything in boxes because I was thinking I would be a little farther ahead than I am currently. Oh well.

And thank goodness for beef pho, because I really think that is all that is keeping me alive right now.


fitted kitchens said…
I guess you have to stick with take out food for a while. I hope your renovation gets done soon.

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