I might not have a kitchen, but I still have a stove.

Which is important because I am having the worst ever canning jones.

A few weeks back it kicked in while in Aruba. We ate at Madame Janette's, outside in the glorious fresh air, in January - as we kept reminding ourselves. The meal was decent, actually it was quite the meal and I could have gotten away with just having the appetizer and for me to say that.... well you get the drift.

At the start of the meal, we were given a small dish of pickled onions. I am pretty sure that is exactly when the canning craving kicked in. I love a good pickle. Seriously, all penis jokes aside, if it's pickled I will eat it.

These were vinegary, spicy, and peppery - I could not pile them high enough on my bread. At least I think it was for my bread, who knows. I never know what to do with sauce at the table on its own, like in an Indian restaurant - I just smother the crackly bread with the three little sauces you get. The staff is meanwhile smothering their laughter at the girl who is putting jam on the corn-on-the-cob, metaphorically speaking. But I digress.

Oh, well wait, one more thing: whenever I travel outside of my home state, the first thing I want to see is the supermarket. Aruba was no exception. Did you know that most of their supermarkets are Asian? Yep.

Anyway so back to Madame Janettes. Remember? For dinner, and the onions? Right.

So the ET's Hubby also loves the pickled onions and asked if I could replicate them in Boston. I said I would try. The spiciness was hard to pin down, which is where the supermarket near the hotel came into play.

It turns out that the Madame Janette is a hot pepper, not some wild island Madam. And there is a hot sauce made from these same peppers. I figured that that is what gives the pickled onions their piquancy.

So I brought back some of this Madame Janette in a jar and will add it to my next pickled onion batch.

Ahhh hahahahahah Madame Janette in a jar.... I am so funny!


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