Not a Scandinavian bone in my body...

I am pretty sure that there is nothing far northern European about me, except for being white, that can explain my sudden love of all things Scandinavian. It's borderline creepy. I haven't even BEEN there which sort of makes this obsession a little weird. 

Anyhoo, it seems that in Sweden there is this thing called "fika" which seems to be a coffee break, the real kind of coffee break. I am not entirely positive, as I've never been to Sweden nor do I speak Swedish, but the translation is that you take a break with coffee and a treat. Yes please! Let's fika!

I am bored to death of the desultory coffee mug that sits lamely on my desk going cool. I want to have a proper coffee break with friends and kanelbullar! Seriously, that would definitely make the day go a little better! Sadly in the US this sort of thing would be tough to start. Everyone is so busy being busy (or hoping to be seen as being busy) that taking a break to chill and have coffee would be mistaken for slacking off from being busy, real or imagined.

Which means I ought to figure out how to make kanelbullar so that I can get people to join me for fika.

Because people will usually stop for food. 

This is what kanelbullar are supposed to look like and the recipe seems pretty straightforward. 

Well, except for the part where the recipe is in Swedish, oh and the measurements are possibly metric. I say possibly because the recipe calls for things like "1,5 dl gr├Ądde" and "1 msk flytande honung".

Maybe I will get a recipe elsewhere. But I still hope they look EXACTLY like that photo.


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