Ol' Timey

Ol' my gawd I am SO sick of Ol' Timey.

An ol' timey hobo wedding!

Ol' timey subway sign art!
Just as bad as all those "Keep Calm and..." signs
Ol' timey saloons! Opening any minute now in Davis Square!

Don't get me wrong, I am all for people opening new business, but I just don't get this "old timey is the now/new timey" stuff.

The idea of a pre-Prohibition saloon that serves housemade Pork Belly Rye Whiskey and Ploughman's Platters and classic meat pies makes me wonder if the staff is also ol' timey - chaps with sideburns and suspenders and sleeve clips and ladies with rock-a-billy clothing and artful tats. Only because I feel like I have seen this done before. more than once, in real life and you know, in the history books.

If I sound sort of cynical, I am. This kind of carefully "curated" atmosphere makes me think of Plimouth Plantation. Pubbing as a sort of living museum experience.

Honestly I would not want to go back into the past, to pre-Prohibition. Firstly I never have the right outfit on for that sort of scenario and secondly I like my modern freedoms, like being able to vote and stuff.

How about a future bar? But then again the future bar would be something we imagined in the now which would make it retro in the future, like all those atomic themed bars in Vegas.

Well, it doesn't matter really. There are plenty of right now bars to pick from as it is.  At least that is what my liver tells me.


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