Another Sunday, another Sunday lunch

The ugly secret in my kitchen is that I buy ingredients with more ambition than actual execution. This is something I am trying to change because frankly it is a really sh*tty habit to have. My resolution has been to try to eat everything I buy, a hideously first world resolution, and because it makes me uncomfortable, I am breaking the habit.

I will buy dried beans and think "oh I will make a big pot of baked beans!" Or pick up a giant squash and think "ahhh squash and curry soup!". But the fact of the matter is I live on my own and I can only eat the same thing for three days, tops. On the occasion that I make soup, for some reason I make enough for seven people to eat for three days straight, which if you do the math means I am eating that soup for 21 days (I think, I am not great at math and I was drinking wine earlier).

This kind of gluttony and waste is getting on my nerves. So no more bullsh*t as La Mamman would say. 

Basically this means that now I get what I order from Farmers to You and allow myself to supplement with a box of pasta, some tomatoes, and fresh herbs when I need to, and everything else is stuff I have in the pantry already. Or in the freezer. 

For Sunday lunch this week I really used my imagination to pull diverse ingredients together to make a meal that  was edible. Truth be told I was a little concerned and was thinking that if all else failed I would get a roasted chicken and make a spinach salad. 

After some rummaging and a couple of cups of coffee, this is what I came up with:

Stewed lentils with cumin & onion
Spinach & Queso Fresco Quiche
Meme's Cake with raspberry filling
 Not surprisingly, there were no leftovers.


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