My name is CalamityShazaam and I am addicted to books.

I love my Nook. Yeah, yeah, everyone has a Kindle, but I am in love with my Nook (thank you Evil Twinster) and I use it everyday.

Which is why I will never be able to save up for the moped I want. I love to read and instant access to an online bookstore is exactly like an unlimited supply of crack to a crackhead. Sometimes on Mondays I will look at my bank account and be like "oh snap! I bought WHAT?"

Eh, I suppose it could be worse, I suppose I could be addicted to actual crack.

Well so here is what happened on Friday - I downloaded Tamar Adler's amazing book " An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace" and then stayed up all night and read it.


Remember how last post I was all like "a-wah-wah-wahhhh I waste so much foooood wah"? Well this is the book that fixes that problem for me. I woke up on Saturday and started cooking everything in my fridge.

I made braised short ribs for Sunday lunch, two batches of beans, roasted onions, beets, and a bunch of other little bits and ends. Now everything in my fridge has a purpose, including that stupid can of Bud Lite Lime (yep KGLocal12, I am talking to you, right to yo' face!).

My personal opinion on this is that if you aren't comfortable cooking without a strict set of instructions, this is NOT the book for you. However if you want to learn how to use more, waste less, and eat more fully, well then, this IS the book for you. Also, if you love Laurie Colwin as much as I do, then this REALLY is the book for you.

I will post some photos at some point of some of the luscious bean dishes I have been making, but for right now, go get this book.


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