My name is Calamity Shazaam, and I am an addict.

Things took a turn for the worse when I bounced my forehead off my desk this afternoon. Turns out nap-nods can escalate quickly to nap-faceplants.

Uh-glee! Definitely NOT a pretty sight at all.

Why so tired you ask? Well, guess what I forgot to do today?

1:47pm - November 9, 2012

Yes. I forgot to have coffee.

It's like forgetting to put pants on in the morning. Coffee is as fundamental as oxygen and chocolate, as far as I can tell.

And then I saw this image on Pinterest (a whole 'nother addiction) and first I was like "yep" and then I was like "hahahahahahahahahah!"

I hate that I totally get it.

And also I hate that I am about to go back for cup number 2 just as soon as I click "Publish".


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