Bitchin' Chicken

It's April here in the home of the bean and the cod, only you'd never know it because the weather is just complete crap. Today hail and snow, tomorrow sun and locusts, unless it's hail and snow.

The only reasonable and civilized way to cope with this rotten weather is lots of wine and things you have to cook in the oven, preferably on high.

Roast chicken goes perfectly with wine.

The recipe in this lovely cookbook is so easy (you can find it here), and the only exra step I make is to pop the roasting pan (a cast iron skillet) into the oven to pre-heat. Oh and I borrow a step from the beloved Laurie Colwin and rub the birdy all over with paprika and a sprinkling of coarse salt.

Reader, I ate it.

Reader, it was delicious.

Reader, this weather can just go to suck an egg.


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