Holy Lamb

Happy Easter.

On account of ONE of us in the family being diagnosed with celiac coeliac (the British spelling makes it seem like a smarter diagnosis) the sacrificial Easter lamb cake is brought to you today by the letters "gluten-free cake mix".

As Americans are wont to do, rather than give up gluten, we create gluten-free gluten. I am pretty sure that normal people would be like "oh well, how about berries and sorbet for dessert?" but not us. Also, it's the damn SACRIFICIAL LAMB CAKE, how would Easter be complete without this cake?

Without the lamb cake, it's just Sunday dinner.

Which would be fine by me since I am not a believer.

I know it looks like it's already been slaughtered, but no, it's just taking a lie down. Turns out a lamb cake without gluten is basically like an actual lamb without bones - kinda floppy. I don't want to freak everyone out by serving a headless cake, so a lying down cake it is.

Or maybe it will resurrect itself. I'll keep you posted.


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