All the food I can eat from scratch - week 2

So last week I challenged myself to eating only things I made from scratch.

I did better than I thought - I slipped on Monday night with salami and cheese and then again on Friday when 7 munchkins accidentally flew into my mouth.

And probably I need to write off Saturday since I ate out for every meal.

But I am back on track today.

There is soup on the stove (curried carrot) to be pureed and frozen, the bread is on its second rise, the pizza toppings have been cooked, yogurt is going to start tonight, tomato sauce is next up, and once the game starts I think I am going to make some chocolate chip cookies. Maybe.

My good friend MadcapMo gave me some of her fabulous Sassy Sauce and that might do for the sweet tooth I have been suffering from lately!

And at some point I am going to have to make something from the lovely Baer's beans I got at Russo's on Saturday.

Let's just see how far I make it this week!


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