Ha Ha Halloweeeeeen!!!!

I made it through most of the day without succumbing to the plastic pumpkin-o-candy.

Breakfast was two slices of bread (toasted with Silver Brook Farm grape jelly), some plain yogurt with granola, and about a gallon of Red Zinger tea.

Lunch was two more slices of toast, stars-squash-carrot-onion-potato soup, and mint tea.

Everything to this point - homemade except for the tea.

Then around 4pm I had a candy breakdown which involved me frantically tearing into Kit Kats and Snickers in an utterly mortifying way.

Once the nausea passed and I was home for the night, trying to avoid the candy-for-tricker-treaters bowl, I decided to make some comfort food, since clearly my body is crying out for that kind of lovin'.

So I chopped up some potatos and fried them up in a little butter & olive oil & paprika until they were lovely and browned.

Then I beat some eggs together with a little grated romano cheese and made a little omelet.

All I can say is yum-ola.

But then of course I broke into my emergency jar of Sassy Sauce - mmmmmm spicy dark chocolate.......


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