All the food I can eat from scratch!

So this week I am challenging myself to eat only what I make from scratch.

I quickly realized however that I need to make an exception for caffeinated beverages. But even so, I am going to limit that to tea and coffee I make myself.

It's been easy enough so far, no one has waved a box of munchkins in from of my face yet....

What I've made for today:

2 - slices of toast with jam (I made bread last night and unlike Friday's batch, it doesn't suck. The jam I made earlier in the season with some overripe strawberries)
1 - dollop of homemade yogurt with homemade granola. The Yogurt Babushka rises again!
1 - container of farmer's market soup with organic orzo
1 - honeycrisp apple

Notice there is no chocolate in that list. Right there is another reason this challenge is doomed!


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