French food: Good. Jet Lag: Bad

Right now I am so friggin' tired I have literally lost any ability to concentrate for longer than one minute.

Totally frustrating. Although quite frankly to be fair my body believes that it is about 3am, as does my brain and my eyeballs.

So here are a few photos from my trip to tide you over until all the parts in my body match up again:

Every morning I made a big pot of coffee. Most days I had pain grille (toast) with apricot jam, but two days we had treats from the boulangerie - pain au chocolate, croissants, et croissants aux amandes.

The woman who runs the boulangerie is a sweetheart and pretty much we saw her once a day for the pain (bread), except for Wendnesday when they were closed and we had to get bread from the Vival, the local convenience shop.

From the shop to the house!


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