Happy Blurrrrggthday!

Oh my effing word! This is the birthday that I think that I have eaten the most.

I started eating on Sunday and haven't stopped until juuuuuuussstttt.................. NOW!

(Well I think that there is going to be March Birthday Cake in the office tomorrow. Shhhhhh...)

Saturday night I went over to my oldest friend's Mom's house for dinner. Ennairda & I have known each other since we were one, we share the same exact birthday, and well pretty much we are biologically unrelated sisters. It was a real treat to have dinner together. Her mom made us broccoli, asparagus, baby potatoes, and delicious pan seared lamb. I ate an embarrassing amount and then tucked into a gorgeous dessert of mango sorbet with a four berry sauce on top. Thank you OtherMother!!! It was such a nice treat.

By the time I was hungry again it was Sunday morning and as it would turn out a very fabulous friend threw me a surprise birthday brunch for my family & friends. For starters he served up grapefruit halves, sprinkled with brown sugar & grand marnier, then lightly grilled. This was followed by little eggs in pots, baked with foie gras and shaved black truffles, with brioche toast points. Then Belgian waffles with thick cut bacon, and coffee. All of this was followed by the most enormous cake that can only be described as "triumphant!". It was a tall cake, shaped almost like a top hat, layered with grappa pastry cream, covered in chocolate ganache, decorated with preserved lemon and orange slices, and studded all over with candied violets. Is it any wonder I spent the last bits of Sunday asleep on the couch?

Never one to say die, I went out with the lovely Miss Amy for pizza and wine at Emma's last night. Frankly pizza & wine is what I would call an Italian roofie, guaranteed to render me unconscious in, oh, about 20 minutes. But whatever, it was EXACTLY what I needed - great food and even better conversation!

Menus at Emma's. And seriously gaaahlicky salad.

We got two pizzas: No. 5 and No. 16. Fricking DELICIOUS!

Miss Amy and I are complimentary eating companions. We like everything and we eat it all. At the end of this we each made out with two slices of leftovers, which honestly was just a midnight snack for later!

Who would have thought that after this I would conceivably be able to eat one more thing. But no, the eating safari began again this morning with a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee and a strawberry frosted donut. Seeing as how it was my birthday today and all, I really felt no reason to deprive myself.

For lunch the Evil Twin and I went for sushi, and even more thrilling than Idaho Maki was meeting up with a friend of her boyfriend who picked up the lunch tab. How AWESOME is that? Pretty awesome and it pretty much made my day!

And then to cap off this fantastic day my Mom took me to B&G for dinner. I love my Mom and not just because she takes phenomenal care of her family, but also because I really just enjoy her company.

We ate and ate and ate. And had a little drink (Vouvray!).

The oyster pile at the bar. YUM!!

Complimentary Oyster Veloute. Done & done in about 2.2 seconds.

I ate a dozen oysters: 8 Umami, 3 Malpeques, 1 Iforgetthename...

I love oysters. I could eat them every single day. Also we got the mussels with broth and fennel. With a side of fries of course...

And for dessert the Meyer Lemon Cheesecake. Which at that point was the gilding on the gild of the gilded lily.

Well, that is that. Until next year. Who knew that getting old would ever be so tasty!


tammy said…
Happy belated birthday!! Hope you are having a great trip and see you when you get back.

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