Sunday is for Cooking

Over on Shamrag I was lamenting the loss of my sweet tooth as a sign of my advancing senility. However I think I was wrong, because my sweet tooth is BACK! Whoo hoo!

Yesterday I ate an entire sleeve of Thin Mints. I did share with the Evil Twin and so I don't feel AS bad as I would if I'd eaten it all myself, although truth be told I don't usually feel anything but pure happiness when I eat Thin Mints.

But really I can't eat too much processed stuff anymore. It makes me ill. So I make sweet stuff from scratch. Today I made the Ginger Cake that I can't just cannot get enough of, I like to have a slice in the late afternoon with tea to power me through the last bit of work. I also like to have a slice for breakfast when I have a tough morning. And sometimes a sliver before bed for sweet dreams.... Oooh I love that cake.

And I also made this kumquat-golden raisin-cranberry compote that I like to eat out of the jar. It's an Alice Waters recipe and it is crack in a jar. Basically you slice up some kumquats and cook them in a simple syrup with some vanilla until they are translucent (about 10 minutes), then remove them and put the raisins and the cranberries (dried) in the syrup and cook them for about 20 minutes. Let everything cool, mix it all together and then put the fruit and the syrup in a jar and leave in the fridge. It is f*cking DELICIOUS.

But I didn't just make sweets.

I also roasted some cauliflower - sliced, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled liberally with salt, pepper, and cumin, then cooked until golden brown. Then I cooked up some brussels sprouts, and candy cane beets (something like that - they are pink and stripey making them my perfect veg), and I made a jar of pickled red onions - which I don't really know why I did that, but they are delicious and I do love me something pickled.

Then for dinner I made pasta with olive oil, capers, red pepper, garlic (ugh A LOT of it!), and grated the heck out of a slab of romano all over it.

Now I am in food coma and I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow!


Pam said…
God, that all sounds so good! I made popovers for dinner - yep, just popovers :)

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