Don't worry, I'm not starving. Yet.

Phew! 2009 was quite the year. And it ended with me going from one job to another with a convenient two week holiday in between.

So you know, I could have gone on a tropical holiday. Or on an eating tour. Or just rented a bunch of movies and flopped out on the couch.

But noooooooooo.

I decided to do some "work" on the old homestead.

Let me explain about that: it's like when you have a little tiny thread hanging out at the end of your sweater sleeve and you give it a light tug and suddenly your whole sweater unravels and you are standing there nekkid with a pile of yarn at your feet.

Yeah. So I really thought I would just be caulking up a couple of windows and throwing down a little laminate. Haha.

Currently I am camping out in my guest room, and last night I stayed in to insulate and caulk up the back exterior door. Whoot!!

No one got presents this year because I am investing the last bits of my savings into caulking. Can you tell I inappropriate love the word 'caulk'. Ahhh who doesn't love the silent 'L'. That's right, I put the 'ass' in class.

Which probably means that any posts I put up in the coming weeks/months will be related to food you can easily make when the kitchen is a wreck around you.

Stay tuned for grilled cheese and salad recipes. Thrilling, I know.

Happy new year!


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