Temporary Leave of my Senses

So where I have been is renovating my house. A plan that was clearly hatched while my rational sense was on Christmas break.

And by "renovating" I mean "making a big mess".

Why do this? Oh, because why not - right? And because I read Katy Elliots blog one too many times.

This project so far has entailed me packing up all my stuff & putting it in the basement, moving myself into my guest room, and basically gutting every room.


Thankfully I have a fantastic foreman on the job who kicks my ass when I slack off. And in an effort to perhaps get yet MORE work done after my regular work, I gave her my computer in an attempt to not couch flop and surf all night.

Which is why I am currently staying late and posting this, so I can go home and get back to work.

My house better effing rock SO hard after this!!!!

I will post some pictures of the kitchen so you can really appreciate the job I am facing!


Pam said…
So I should probably not tell you about some of the home/decorating blogs that I read...

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