I smell.......


And lots of it.

The other night I was burrowing into my lovely fleece sheets and I thought I caught a whiff of bacon. And not because I farted under the sheets but rather the sheets sort of smelled like bacon. I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed because my sense of smell is for crap and I kept thinking to myself "what is that smell" since I was positive it wasn't a fart.

I poked my head out of under the sheets and sniffed the pillows, and the wall, and the bathrobe hanging on the hook... yep BACON! My whole room, including my pyjamas, smelled like bacon.

Seems that my neighbors had a bacon party. Their exhaust runs along their kitchen ceiling which puts it at the base of my guest bedroom where I am currently camping out while doing some home renovations.

Which is fine with me since I love bacon. I just wish I'd been invited to the bacon party.


Unknown said…
lol...now that is funny.

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