All I can say is quiche

Sometimes dinner just has to make itself because I am too fricking tired.

This is why having frozen stuff on hand is, well, handy. Dinner, and lunch today, consists of a quiche made from Chip-in Farm eggs, a little milk, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, basil, and garlic. In a frozen pie shell from Whole Foods.

I love the Whole Foods ready made pie shells and having a package on hand is just never a bad idea.

I had made a large batch of caramelized onions a while ago and then froze them in batches. The roasted red peppers came from a jar I'd canned in the fall, and the basil and garlic I just had on hand.

The basic recipe to fill the pie shell was about 6 eggs, about a cup of milk, about a cup of onions, around a cup of red pepper, and then season to taste. I just whisked it all together, dumped it all into the frozen shell and baked it in a 350 or so oven for about 35 minutes. Just to the point where it didn't wobble in the middle anymore.

It came out pretty delicious. And now for lunch today I am having a slice with a side of salad.

Hooray for freezing and canning!


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