Me wanty

Sometimes I get obsessed with one particular dish/food item.

Past obsessions have included:

--- Sponge cake (age 10 to 12 - until Mom secretly tore the recipe out from the Junior League of Athens, GA cookbook, which she still denies doing... But really there is only so much sponge cake people can eat in life and I was churning them out at probably 2 per week.)

--- Thin Mints (age 0 to present - and let me tell you everything they say about mint oil and the digestive tract is completely true. Do I really care? No, not so much - I live by myself.)

--- Pizza (age 11 to present - I will do anything for the #16 - hold the tomatos - from Emma's. Anything.)

--- Anything that involves a potato. Since I was born.

Currently I am in the throes of a full-on claypot crisis. I want it for dinner every NIGHT. Ohhhh, why am I even lying, I want it for every MEAL.

How delicious does this look?

(photo from Stephen OB)

Basically this is a pot lined with crispy rice and then filled with all manner of deliciousness - veg, chicken, beef, shrimp, cilantro, black pepper...


Personally I prefer the version at Sunrise over in Dorchester, but in fairness I only can compare it to the claypot at Anh Hong which was not the same at all (but their wonton soup is terrific!). Because when I am going crazy for claypot, I want what I know.

This week I am trying to curb the claypot craving, but I am not sure how much longer I can last.


Matt said…
I can't imagine it's that hard to make Clay Pot-ted food. Maybe I should try.

I have this weird issue about eating bibimbap. I wonder if it would affect me with less-Korean versions of this dish.

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