A few of the things I give Thanks for, in random order.

1. Water: On demand. Out of multiple taps. Hot and/or cold. CLEAN and mostly potable. Seriously, this is NOT a worldwide luxury and year after year I am grateful to have it. 

2. Shelter: Yeah, maybe I am in the middle of a tediously slow renovation, but how awesome is it to not be living in a tent, or under a bridge? Pretty fricking AWESOME!

3. Food: I am never hungry. This is a huge luxury in my life and I am grateful beyond measure that I do not feel hunger pangs daily, or ever.

4. Family & Friends: They like me! They really like me! And this year I got a bruthah so all in all I am happy with where things stand in this department. 

5. Work: I love my job and feel lucky to have one that I like so much in these difficult economic times. 

6. The Showtunes-NASCAR fantasy league: I was invited to join this 3 years ago and saw as a way to see if I could change my opinions about things or if this old dog had learned all the tricks she was going learn. Previously my opinion was that this North American Sport Centered Around Rednecks was just about driving fast and to the left. Well yes to that second part anyway, but it is also more than that. The first year I finished at the very bottom, last year I finished on the podium in third place, and this year I finished first. I am officially the Showtunes-NASCAR 2010 Fantasy League Champion and you know what? Winning first place is AWESOME!!

There is plenty more that I am thankful for but right now I need to concentrate on feeding some folks on Thursday. 


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